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Trust us to deliver a top-notch website for your business in no time with the help of our experienced web designers and developers. We are passionate about web development and open to developing new ideas with each project we take on.

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Creative Web Design & Development Services

One size does not fit all when it comes to websites. Mgadz builds websites that are tailored to our clients’ target audiences. Based on your budget and target market, we create websites that are suited for the sector. There are distinct requirements for restaurants, artists, retail business owners, wedding websites, franchises, sole proprietors, service providers, and online businesses. With customized websites and online marketing strategies, we help our clients in creating their own digital identities.

The hallmarks of sites we build include original designs, colour schemes that are suited for the target demographic, and content that is succinct and to the point for search engines. We utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver incredible functionality, resulting in a website that is both functional, visually appealing, and provides maximum brand impact – all while being affordable.

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A Full Range of Web Design & Development Solutions

We offer a full range of innovative web design and development solutions to meet the various needs of our clients.

Web Design & Development

We offer web design and development services which allow us to create stunning, modern websites for all of our clients. Whether you're a small business, an individual, or even a large enterprise, we are sure to build a perfect website for you.

WordPress Development

We believe that using WordPress is the best way to create fast-loading and functionally-rich websites without sacrificing an ounce of design or creative expression. Make the most out of your website with our professional WordPress Development services.

E-Commerce Website

We offer the best eCommerce web development with a dedicated team of experienced professionals ready to help you build whatever dream store or shop you can think of. With us on your side, success in the world of online retailing is all but assured!

Website Redesign

Do you already have a website for your company, but no one is visiting it? Or perhaps you're receiving traffic but not any leads or sales? Perhaps you should redesign your website. Let us make the required adjustments to make your site easier to find and use.

Website Maintenance

Does your website meet the latest standards? Or your website may be experiencing problems like slow loading times, poor response, and bugs. Mgadz offers website maintenance services to address a variety of problems on your website.

Web Portal Development

We offer effective and powerful web portal and enterprise portal development services by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Our web application developers are capable of creating safe, dependable enterprise portals as well as B2B and B2C web portals.

Custom Web Development

We can create custom web applications from scratch. We use PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel, and Cake PHP to complete the task more effectively. Our professionals ensure quick development cycles while utilizing the best tools and platforms.

Mobile Responsive Development

Mobile devices account for more than 50% of internet traffic. Your competitors will win your mobile clients if your website is not mobile-friendly. You can gain an advantage over your rivals with the help of our mobile web development services.

SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO & Digital Marketing

Having a website for your business isn’t enough. It should be optimized for search engines to get visitors and sales. We provide digital marketing services that bring quality results and make sense for your brand’s unique personality.

Level Up Your Business's Online Presence

We strive to achieve the results you want through extraordinary web design and hyper targeted digital marketing.

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Invest in the Right Web Development Company

In this era of swift digital transformation, it is imperative to partner with the right web development company to grow your business without disruptions.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Customers switch from their laptops to phones and tablets very frequently. You need cross-platform development to make your site user-friendly.


Our team is always prompt to address technical issues and deliver solutions on an urgent basis. The accessibility makes us provide the optimum customer experience.

Money Saving

A dollar saved is as wonderful as one earned new. Brilliant websites sell more and we build sites that are profitable.

Easy Fixes & Maintenance

We are proficient in all tech stacks & employ advanced team to communicate issues faster & quickly so that your site is always up and running.


Digital presence plays a crucial role in your business’s growth. We offer flexible services that help you scale seamlessly as your business grows.

Agile Development

For web development services, we adopt an agile methodology and take all necessary steps to provide a finished digital product on schedule.

Our Proven Web Development Process

We follow a proven, predictable process to ensure a smooth and successful project from start to finish.

We gather requirements in order to get the customer to provide the most precise and unambiguous information possible, always prioritizing their interests.

In this phase, we develop a plan for carrying out the project’s execution and completion.

In this stage, we start with the project’s external design and internal functionality to give it life.

We confirm and test whether our expectations meet our internal quality standards and clients’ expectations in this step.

After making sure that all the issues have been fixed and the requirements have been properly met, the project is now ready to go live.

Take Advantage of the Talent Pool

Whether you’re looking to build a new website from scratch or improve an existing one, we have the skills and knowledge to deliver a customized solution that fits your budget and timeline. Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise and elevate your website to new heights!

  • Highest Level of Work Quality
  • Highly Skilled Professionals
  • Quick Processing Time
  • Seamless Communication
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Competitive Pricing

Why Choose Mgadz?

Mgadz puts in a lot of effort to build and maintain your website. Our teams are made up of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who understand your business and provide excellent web development services for you.

We have been in the IT industry for the past 10 years and we have been able to do so because of our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with the best available web solutions.

To keep things transparent, Mgadz connects and communicates with its clients frequently. We think that in the business world, openness is the next best policy to honesty, so we regularly update our clients on the status of their projects.

We provide complete assistance and analytical services to make sure that our created web solutions produce the ideal outcomes for you. Our strong customer relationships over time serve as evidence that we value our customers.

We value each of our clients and are aware of the importance of their time. We value integrity, excellence, and promptness. Working with Mgadz will provide you with a competitive advantage in the commercial world.


We have a strong track record and a lot of accomplished projects to our name. To learn more, look at our portfolio or contact us.

We Don't Only Create Websites, We Build Brands!!!

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What Our Clients Say

"I had a great experience working with Mgadz. They were able to turn our vision into a beautiful user-friendly website that has helped us to better serve our clients. They were professional, responsive and delivered on their promises."

Ankita Realtor – Nexus Team Realtors

“Working with Mgadz has been a wonderful experience. Every time we work with a vendor, we always want to make sure we get value for our money and Mgadz definitely shines in this area. With our most recent project, we received excellent work and enjoyed working with a team that was incredibly responsive.”

Preeti Kamra Digital Head - United Sikhs

“During our association with Mgadz, we were introduced to some promising ways to market our company. They met our website requirements as well as helped with social media optimization. If somebody were to ask me for a digital marketing agency, I would definitely recommend them.”

Leo Robbins Manager - Knox Bridge School

During our association with Mgadz, we were introduced to some promising ways to market our company. They met our website requirements as well as helped in social media optimization. If somebody were to ask me for a digital marketing agency, I would definitely recommend them.

Harleen Bedi Manager – Digitalmarketingteam.ca


We provide our clients with everything they need to see their web development projects through – from concept design and UX/UI expertise to high-quality coding and a full suite of SEO services.

This is largely dependent on the project's complexity, requirements and needs. Your project may only require a designer and a developer, or it may require a design and development team.

For any website owner or digital marketer, website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a powerful tool when it comes to increasing visibility and driving traffic. Having a website alone isn’t enough, you need to optimize it for search engine result pages with the help of SEO.

As a reputed web development company, we have a wonderful portfolio showcasing our work. You can visit our portfolio page to see the range of industries and project types we have worked on.

Hiring a reliable SEO company is crucial to saving yourself from a lot of headaches and the process includes evaluating its experience, previous work, tactics and prices.

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