Insurance Tiger boasts a wealth of experience and robust relationships with some of the nation’s largest insurance carriers. The company specializes in tailoring bespoke risk management solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Their dedicated team works to secure the best insurance protection at the most competitive rates for clients.

Insurance Tiger


Insurance Tiger, while on its journey to becoming a prominent player in the insurance industry, encountered several distinct challenges that encompassed the realms of online visibility, lead generation, and brand awareness.

  • Online Visibility:

    In the competitive landscape of the insurance industry, it was getting difficult for Insurance Tiger to find online visibility. Their site was good enough but it was not bringing the audience. Due to various technical SEO reasons, their website was not quite making it into the search engine rankings.

  • Leads and Sales:

    This is what every business needs. It’s the ultimate goal and most prevalent challenge in the insurance sector too. If we talk about Insurance Tiger as a client, they were not really starved for business. What they actually needed was effective ad campaigns that could streamline the leads and optimize the conversions.

  • Brand Awareness:

    It goes the same in both the offline and online world of insurance marketing. You have to get your name out in order to make people trust you for their protection. Nobody wants to contact unfamiliar businesses whether they are buying groceries or buying insurance. Insurance Tiger needed brand awareness and the problem was, that they didn’t have such expertise or spare time. Brands don’t build overnight. They needed awareness on social media and other platforms to stand out.



In response to the challenges faced, Insurance Tiger outlined clear objectives to address each area of concern.

Enhancing Online Visibility:

The primary objective was to enhance online visibility and search engine rankings significantly. The goal was to ensure that Insurance Tiger’s digital presence could be easily discovered by potential clients.

Boosting Sales and Revenue:

Another objective was to generate a consistent stream of high-quality leads and boost sales through Google and Facebook ad campaigns. The focus was on refining targeting strategies to reach the most promising prospects.

Building Brand Awareness:

The aim was to create and disseminate meaningful content across various social media platforms. It was to ensure that Insurance Tiger’s message stood out and helped in building a strong and recognizable online presence.



In June 2023, Mgadz Inc. undertook a strategic initiative to assist Insurance Tiger in achieving their insurance-focused objectives. To enhance online visibility, our team revamped the company website and optimized it for the unique nuances of the insurance industry.

In the realm of lead generation and sales, we meticulously refined advertising strategies and focused on precise audience targeting and compelling ad content tailored to the insurance niche. As they wanted more qualified insurance leads, our approach ensured a consistent influx of high-quality leads and substantial sales growth for Insurance Tiger.

Our team revitalized their social media management. They had no consistent postings on social media which was hindering their genuine connection with the audience that really cared about their brand. We emphasized engaging content and implementing a structured posting schedule. These comprehensive solutions served as the cornerstone of our collaboration. We customized our social media marketing strategies to perfectly suit their insurance sector needs. Our centralized efforts effectively delivered invaluable real-time insights to Insurance Tiger.

Insurance Tiger

Our Strategies and Results

Insurance is a sensitive thing that provides people with financial security. There are already well-known players if we consider Insurance Tiger’s target market. Mgadz employed a multifaceted approach to supercharge Insurance Tiger’s online presence and deliver tangible results. Our strategies encompassed SEO, Website Optimization, Content Optimization, GMB, Social Media and Paid Ads.

1. SEO Mastery

Keyword Optimization:

We meticulously fine-tuned keyword strategies, boosting relevance and visibility. There are 5 potential keywords we shortlisted initially and worked to rank. One of our keywords “commercial auto insurance brokers Toronto” continuously ranked at 3rd and 4th positions in Google.

We started working on the SEO optimization of Insurance Tiger on 1st April and they only had a few impressions (19) as you can see in the below figure. It took just 6 months to reach respective 2.5k impressions and overall 157k impressions.

On-Page SEO:

We optimized meta titles, descriptions, header tags, and other on-page elements, leading to a substantial increase in organic traffic. Metadata plays a significant role in signaling search engines what kind of information is available on a web page. It was probably this tweak that led to thousands of impressions on individual keywords.

Backlink Building :

Our efforts led to a remarkable growth in high-quality backlinks. We worked hard to strengthen Insurance Tiger’s authority in the digital landscape. Their website currently has over 5,000 backlinks of which 4.78 backlinks are ‘do follow’.

Technical Website Optimization:

We identified and resolved technical issues. Optimizing metadata was one of the first tasks. Following that we worked on page speed, and XML sitemaps and created Schema Markups. It resulted in improved site speed and overall SEO health.

Content Optimization:

Mgadz took a meticulous approach to optimize Insurance Tiger’s website content. We tailored the messaging to align seamlessly with their insurance services and ensured that every word resonated with their target audience. By crafting engaging and informative content that catered to the unique needs of the insurance sector, we not only enhanced their online presence but also connected with their audience on a deeper level.

2. GMB Optimization

  • Profile Completeness: We ensured Insurance Tiger’s Google My Business (GMB) profile was fully optimized. Earlier it was lacking crucial info like operational hours and province.
  • Local Pack Rankings: Our strategies significantly enhanced local pack rankings and elevated their visibility in local search results. From a few hundred profile visits to around 5,000 business profile views, helped Insurance Tiger catch better visibility which resulted in results.
  • Customer Reviews and Engagement Metrics: We actively managed customer reviews and increased engagement metrics. GMB reviews are a make-or-break nowadays. We helped with strategies that led to more positive reviews and encouraged the client to be consistent with responding to reviews. We bolstered their GMB performance over a period of 6 months and it resulted in approx 500 calls and 300 organic website clicks as you can see here.

3. Lead Generation Excellence

We executed data-driven Google and Facebook ad campaigns. We targeted the right audience segments and optimized ad content. This led to a consistent flow of high-quality leads and substantial sales growth.

4. Social Media Mastery

  • Creative and Content Strategy: We crafted engaging creatives, captivating captions, and optimized hashtags. It all contributed to Insurance Tiger’s organic social media presence.
  • Follower Growth: Our strategies led to a significant percentage increase in followers across various platforms.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Through innovative approaches such as reels and interactive content, we increased engagement by an impressive 90%. We ensured that Insurance Tiger’s brand message resonated effectively.

Unlocking Success .

In a journey that began with challenges, Insurance Tiger emerged as a triumph, thanks to the strategic collaboration with Mgadz Inc. The implementation of tailored strategies transformed the digital landscape and resulted in significant achievements. Insurance Tiger is now poised for continued growth in a competitive insurance landscape.

Client Testimonial .

 “We are pleasantly surprised with the results! Improved on all the fronts with the help of Mgadz.”

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