Beat the Competition with These Social Media Marketing Tips

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Do you run a business that is struggling to find a foot in the competitive social media world? Well, you’re not alone. There can be thousands of businesses that are providing products, services, or solutions similar to yours and are still struggling even after putting all their efforts into it.

While it may be a little difficult for you to get ahead of well-established competitors in your market, you can’t ignore the fact that there is always room for new businesses in the market. Especially, when you have something new to offer.

Remember, the social media landscape changes incredibly fast, so you have to be open-minded and agile to keep up with it.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the competitors on social media, these social media marketing tips might help:

Get ahead of competitors with these social media marketing tips

Achieving success on social media requires a long-term social media strategy. The kind of growth it can provide makes the efforts and expenses worth it. To make the process easy for you, we have compiled 5 effective social media marketing tips.

Develop a personal bond with genuine conversations

Most of the businesses start approaching their potential list of customers by directly cold-pitching them and this does not always bode well with their expectations. Going all havoc with blatant sales pitches is never a solution no matter how crispy or engaging marketing slogans you employ.

Rather, create content that sparks genuine conversations and respond to all the comments and questions by your audience. It’s important to give preference to disgruntled customers and solve their issues.

Do you watch Netflix? It has over 200 million subscribers as of 2020. It is an absolute dominator when it comes to listening to its users, learning audience behavior and maneuvering its content marketing strategies accordingly.


Netflix’s social media content isn’t limited to witty Tweets, instead, it is known for creating campaigns that capture the audience’s attention and address sensitive social topics.

I know you’re not Netflix. But, it’s always better to take inspiration from big brands. You can post interesting facts about your category of business or something that entices your audience to get engaged with your content. It helps in developing a personal connection with your customers and understanding the market.

Create content that your audience wants

To really connect with your audience, you need content that resonates well with their interests and what actually they expect from you as a business. But, before that, you need to recognize your audience. The biggest mistake businesses make is guessing who their audience is and what they’re interested in.

Do your research: You can start by observing the existing social media analytics. You can check your top-performing Facebook and Instagram posts to know what’s working and what’s not. Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have their own analytic dashboards where you can find out what’s common in your well-liked posts.

Learn from your competitors: This might sound like an untypical approach, but you can actually learn a lot from your competitors and industry peers. You can bookmark the top pages in your industry and be vigilant of what’s working for them. If you have a similar target audience, chances are what is working for them might work for you as well. You’re just striving for your piece of wood.

Follow trends: The general rule of thumb for quick growth on social media is to keep an eye out for what’s trending. Whether you’re creating reels for Instagram or making Tweets, keep your content in tandem with trends. It’s better to incorporate more of video format content than text and images because videos generally have a higher engagement rate.

Partner with micro-influencers

It’s an effective as well as a cost-saving strategy where you partner with micro-influencers to promote your brand, service or products. Unlike their celebrity-level counterparts, micro-influencers are more relatable and you can easily talk business with them. They usually have a smaller but more intimate following than the big names and they are trustworthy drivers of valuable engagement.

Collaborating with niche-based accounts that have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers comes at a fraction of general influencer cost, but they generally have a better connection with their audience and can convince more people to buy from you or follow your business.


Sherihan Mohammed’s Instagram Post is a small example of how influencer marketing works, where she is promoting skincare products for I’m from Global. Sherihan has around twenty thousand followers and she’s probably charging less than I’m from Global would otherwise spend had they opted for other types of promotional activities.

So if you’re a brand that wants to gain traction in the ever-growing social media landscape, you may choose to partner with individuals with smaller followings on social media to promote products with authentic, actionable posts instead of paid ads.


Social media can do wonders for your business given that you do not use it merely as a marketing tool. Many businesses out there are using the same tactics of posting images containing only their service names and contact information. It’s strongly recommended that you do something unique with a purpose. The content you’re sharing should have some research behind it which makes it relevant to your audience and also drives profits to your business.

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